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The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) of Southern CT, Inc

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The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) of Southern Connecticut Inc.'s mission is to offer education, screening, counseling, and support to persons affected with sickle cell disease and to their families. SCDAA of Southern CT maintains a network of partners dedicated to optimizing the quality of life for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disorders. One of the organization’s most successful programs is Sickle Cell Testing, having tested over 400 individuals for sickle cell trait and disease over the past two years with counseling services provided to those individuals who test positive. In addition, the SCDAA of Southern CT helps spread sickle cell awareness through their S.C.O.P.E program by educating students and involving sickle cell educators in schools. For more information about The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, please visit their website.

People Involved

Delores Edwards, Executive Director
Edwards is responsible for overall governing of the Board, and insures that all orders, resolutions and policies of the Board are carried into effect. Edwards coordinates public speaking engagements for the agency, participates in legislative lobbying, manages the office keeping track of patients and their problems, and continues education program direction of sickle cell disease and trait to communities and captive area of Greater Fairfield County and Greater New Haven county. Her committees include Member of the President of Community Health Charities of New England Executives Committee, Member of the Hispanic Advisory Council Committee, Stanford, CT, Yale New Haven Hospital Sickle Cell Pediatric/Adult Transition Team, Member of the (National) Sickle Cell Disease Association of America’s Executive Committee, CT Genetic Advisory Committee, New England Genetic Collaborative Advisory Committee, Board Member of the CT Cross Cultural Training Committee, and Bridgeport, CT Child Advocacy Health Committee.

 Katrina Rice, eClinical Solutions, Vice President, Professional Services
With over twenty years of experience in information technology, eClinical strategies, electronic data capture, and developmental sciences, Katrina oversees all professional service activities and client engagements. Katrina consults with our client base on maximizing the use of clinical data technologies, as well as implementing data management process to support goals and objectives. She holds an M.S. of Computer Science from the University of New Haven. Katrina is the mother of a son with sickle cell anemia and is an active participant with the Sickle Cell Association serving as a board member and performing patient outreach.


Ajibike Aosebi, Case Manager
Ajibike Aosebi has been with the SCDAA of southern CT for one year. She is a mom of a 14 year old son with sickle cell disease.

Amarilis Franjul, Outreach Educator
Amarilis Franjul, Outreach Educator has been with SCDAA of Southern CT for two years as a volunteer. Amarilis reaches out to individual’s with sickle cell disease and parents of children with sickle cell disease. Amarilis is a mom of a four old daughter with sickle cell disease. Her daughter Amarey is the association’s youth ambassador. Amarilis recently was hired Part time to as an outreach educator, and she enjoys educating people about the illness. Amarilis will soon return back to college to finish her degree.


Deborah Oliver, Outreach Educator
Deborah has been with the SCDAA of Southern CT for four years. Deborah is an excellent educator for she also has sickle cell disease, and engages with the community and high school students. Deborah is a very active participant at support group and empowerment group meetings. Deborah also is on the New England Regional Genetic Board, as a consumer representative for Connecticut.

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