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Expecting Health

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Expecting Health meets a critical need in the healthcare delivery landscape by engaging and educating consumers. We have tools that lead to more informed decision-making, whatever stage you and your family are in. If you have a young child, are eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of a new addition to your family, or are just starting to plan your future, we can help you navigate the complex healthcare delivery system, including the myriad screening and testing options. The cornerstone of this enterprise is Baby’s First Test, which houses the nation’s newborn screening educational center for parents and health providers.

Expecting Health focuses on helping parents and parents-to-be understand their testing options. Parents’ needs and point of view are central to the development of our services and programs.

Learn more about the Perinatal Nutrition Working Group here.

Comments to the NICHD Task Force on Research Specific to Pregnant Women and Lactating Women (PRGLAC) regarding Communication and Engagement with Families

The number of screening and diagnostic tests for genetic conditions available during the family planning period is growing by leaps and bounds! Parents are now flooded with options and face decisions that can be confusing without reliable information. Expecting Health acts as guide, but also inspires parents and parents-to-be to help shape the policies that lead to testing guidelines.

Baby’s First Test is a comprehensive resource for many aspects of newborn screening, including the conditions that are part of the testing panel and what to do in case of a positive test result. Expecting Health provides similar information for screening and diagnostic testing during the pre-conceptual and prenatal periods.

To engage individuals and the community in our efforts, we offer the following:

  • Consumer Task Force
  • Challenge Awards
  • Social media


We want families to be healthy for the long haul! To ensure this program continues to grow, funding is critical. Some of the key support mechanisms include the following:

  • Federal and private grants
  • Consulting
  • Content sponsorship
  • Material development
  • Meeting sponsorship

Join us in expecting health for all families.



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