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Genetic Alliance Ethics Team

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Members of the BioTrust Ethics Team:
Jane Kaye, Oxford University, Chair
Nicholas Anderson, University of California, Davis
Greg Biggers, Genomera
Michael Burgess, University of Britsh Columbia
Leila Jamal, Johns Hopkins University
Barbara Koenig, University of California, San Francisco
Kieran O’Doherty, University of Guelph
Kelly Edwards, University of Washington (emeritus)
It is well established that trust must form the foundation of any truly ethical and just system, and that the formulation of such a basis must be done in true participant engagement.  BioTrust offers an opportunity to construct such a system.  It offers space and openness to both establish a practical series of programs, processes, methodologies and entities, and to iteratively study and improve such activities.  It offers a safe space to test the concepts and theories put forth by the thought leaders in this arena, and at the same time to make practical and pragmatic contributions to improving health.  This program is a living laboratory, a learning system, for accelerating the amazing theories in the papers referenced above, at the same time as applying lessons learned.  The BioTrust Ethics Team will journey with Genetic Alliance, testing, trialing and refining new participant-centric ways to advance biomedical research, all the while providing novel solutions that advance participation in an ethical manner.

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