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Genetic Testing

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Nearly 80% of all rare diseases have a genetic cause and require Whole Genome Sequencing to produce an actionable diagnosis. The average diagnostic odyssey can last from anywhere from five to seven years. You can imagine the anguish of parents watching their children suffer, watching them endure one test after another. The toll this takes on the family, emotionally and financially, is a great travesty in an age where comprehensive genetic screening available and affordable. Whole Genome Sequencing will alleviate an enormous part of a huge burden these families carry.


Why support the expansion of coverage for Genetic Testing?


  • Having an accurate diagnosis can lead to changes in treatment and management of the condition, prevent additional unnecessary testing, and help families find a support structure via other families and organizations.
  • Expanding Medicaid to cover Whole Genome Sequencing in all states would provide all families with an actionable, accurate diagnosis, regardless of income.
  • Increased genetic testing accelerates the development of effective treatments, as more data is collected on the condition.


What has Genetic Alliance done to support the expansion of coverage for Genetic Testing?

Genetic Alliance wrote to Congress supporting the “Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey Act of 2019.”

How can YOU support the expansion of coverage for Genetic Testing?

Write a letter to your Congressperson supporting the “Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey Act of 2019.” today!

Genetic Alliance's Previous Statements on Genetic Testing


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