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About the Perinatal Nutrition Working Group

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The Perinatal Nutrition Working Group (PNWG) is comprised of top professors of obstetrics, doctors of nutrition and registered dietitians who serve as an evidence-based resource to physicians, organizations and women about the role of eating seafood in a healthy pregnancy. It is a program of the Expecting Health division of Genetic Alliance, a recognized leader and resource in maternal and child health.

Mission and Objectives

While there is confusion about the amount of fish pregnant women should eat, there is agreement that women do not enough seafood. The PNWG is committed to correcting the misinformation surrounding seafood. Through collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts, the Perinatal Nutrition Working Group aims to:

  • Follow the published science on eating seafood during the perinatal period via in-person meetings and in ongoing virtual dialogue.
  • Establish and share nutritional recommendations for seafood consumption for women who want to get pregnant, are pregnant or are breastfeeding.
  • Collaborate with authors and scientists to publish review papers, thought pieces, white papers, and position statements on the value of seafood in the diet.
  • Support policy initiatives in developing effective ways to help patients understand the value of eating seafood during the perinatal period.
  • Serve as ambassadors to professional, media, and consumer audiences about the topic of maternal and child nutrition.

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