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Genetic Alliance's mission is to improve health by engaging communities and individuals. Your gifts to Genetic Alliance help support and promote our programs, and are essential to our continued success.

In the last several years we have:

Led the charge for passage of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
Founded the cross condition cooperative PEER registry and Biobank
Composed the customizable Family Health History Guide
Established the nation's newborn screening clearinghouse
Launched a collection of resources designed for individuals, families, medical professionals, and clinical researchers: Baby' and

Help us continue this work by giving today!

Donations can be made online with PayPal, but you do NOT need to have a PayPal Account to donate with a credit card.

We would love to hear from you. Please call us at 202.966.5557 x208 and Mary Peckiconis will be happy to assist you.

You can mail your donation to Genetic Alliance at 4301 Connecticut Ave #404, Washington DC 20008.

Please contact us at with questions or comments. Thank you for your support!

The Genetic Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity incorporated in the state of Maryland, USA. Your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. All donors will receive an acknowledgement letter via mail. Genetic Alliance EIN is 52-1571905.

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