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  Are you looking for disease or condition information, news, and support all in one place? Disease InfoSearch is the right place to start! Disease InfoSearch locates information from a database of more than 10,000 conditions and from thousands of partners.
  The Program for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER) is a unique, award-winning technology solution for collecting health data directly from individuals. The platform—designed to accommodate any data sharing and privacy preferences—gives individual users complete control over how their data is shared and used for research.
  Baby’s First Test is the leading, comprehensive resource on newborn screening, the first test for all American babies, including information on the conditions that are part of the testing panel and support through a positive test result.
  The Genetic Alliance BioBank provides communities and organizations the infrastructure needed to collect, archive, and distribute all types of biospecimens.
  This digital Advocacy ATLAS toolkit was created in partnership between Genetic Alliance, Parent to Parent USA, and Family Voices to provide individuals with special healthcare needs and their families with tools and strategies to advocate for their needs.
  There’s so much information out there! Should you Trust It or Trash It? This tool will help you critically consider the accuracy and quality of the health information you're finding (including digital, handouts, booklets, etc.).
  WikiAdvocacy is a resource for a range of organizations, from the very small “kitchen-table” group to an established institution looking to expand or refine its mission. Through stories, how-to’s, tips, and exercises, WikiAdvocacy can help focus your organization’s goals and map a plan to meet them.
  Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers, official journal of Genetic Alliance, is the leading peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of human genetic testing including molecular biomarkers. The Journal provides a forum for the development of new technology; the application of testing to decision making in an increasingly varied set of clinical situations; ethical, legal, social, and economic aspects of genetic testing; and issues concerning effective genetic counseling. This is the definitive resource for researchers, clinicians, and scientists who develop, perform, and interpret genetic tests and their results.
  Navigating the Ecosystem of Translational Science (NETS) was created to map the drug development process and make currently-existing tools more accessible by compiling them in user-friendly toolkits. This web-based map is designed to both educate and empower participation in translational research.
  Genetic Alliance publications are aimed at emerging and experienced advocacy leaders, researchers, healthcare providers, and policymakers. All of our publications are available for free download and posting, as long as Genetic Alliance is credited as the author and the content is not modified in any way.
  Genetic Alliance hosts a webinar series to showcase expertise and emerging topics. From newborn screening to genetic testing regulation, family health history, and tips for running an advocacy organization, the collection of recorded webinars offers a wide array of knowledge.
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