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Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis

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The Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis (CPF) supports individuals and families affected by pulmonary fibrosis through the sharing of resources and information, as well as by working to protect the rights of patients. CPF advocates for individuals affected by pulmonary fibrosis, funds research for treatments, builds public awareness, and presses for increased federal research funding. For more information about The Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis (CPF) please visit their website.

 People Involved

Mishka Michon, CEO
Mishka Michon, has a background in leading development for a range of vital, local institutions, large and small, handling every aspect of a development program from inception to closing of gifts at all levels. Her role has included responsibilities for multiple areas of development; from memberships to foundation grant applications to multi-million dollar individual solicitations. She understands the need for patient engagement and involvement in the research process and fully supports efforts in the area of patient-focused initiatives. Michon will provide support for all staff time in developing and carrying out the PEER effort and will champion the effort.

Teresa Barnes, Vice President, Patient Outreach and Advocacy
Vice President, Teresa Barnes, helped found the CPF in 2001 and served on its Board of Directors until joining the staff in 2006. Barnes has lost five family members to IPF and truly understands the need for patient involvement in the process of research and disease efforts. Barnes serves as immediate past chair of the American Thoracic Society’s (ATS) Public Advisory Roundtable that was created to make patients central to every effort of the ATS and served on the first ATS Presidential Commission on Patient Involvement. She was named section editor for the first patient-focused section of the medical journal Annals of the ATS. Barnes has a health care technology background and launched the first technology of its kind for health management on PDAs in 2001. She helped launch product in mid 2000 that was one of the first remote health monitoring systems in the world. Because of her background in health technology and involvement as a patient representative for years as well as her background as a communicator, Barnes will be project manager for the IPF PEER.

Kristina Unutoa, Director of Accounting and Finance
Kristina Unutoa is the director of accounting and finance for the CPF. She understands the need for patients to be involved and engaged. She lost her uncle to IPF and understands the toll the disease takes on the family, caregivers and especially the patient. Unutoa provides support services to the CPF’s technology offerings and also its direct patient interaction and will provide needed support in those areas of this project.

Marlynne Powell, Development Director
Marlynne Powell is the CPF’s development director and provides leadership and support of all efforts involving fundraising and events. She provides technical assistance to members creating online web presences and also for support of events. Powell is very technically savvy and creates and develops regular patient communication via the organization’s Convio tool as well as via other channels of communication. She will provide support for the PEER program from a content perspective as well as for technical assistance.

Paul Hebert, Contractor
Paul Hebert is the designer and webmaster of the CPF website and assists with the organization’s technology platforms. He has worked with various IT platforms and backend development programs and will be available to assist the CPF with the PEER platform as necessary.

Stuart Oliver, Contractor
Stuart Oliver is a technology expert who has worked in and for medical device companies and with the CPF for seven years. He understands the need for patient involvement in health technology and how to make things simple for the end user.

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