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Steps to Employment Success

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When Elise was in her next-to-the-last year of school, the system cut back the vocational teacher who took people out into the community for job experiences. I wrote a school board member that I knew and told him that I was not going to sign my daughter IEP because she was not going to get job training in the community. She told the principal, who asked to see my letter. The principal said my letter made absolute sense, and she said to put the vocational training into the IEP, and she would sign it. The result: Elise got three mornings a week of job training from the one reinstated voc teacher in the whole county. The next year she got five mornings. I ended up being chosen as a parent rep on a county school system task force studying transition—a real learning experience.

-Story from a parent advocate


Getting a Job! Online Training- This online training was developed and designed for students who are deaf or hard of hearing and the professionals who work with them.

girl standing in front of a pastry case at a bakery

Alexa poses in front of the pastry case at the coffee shop where she works.

Speak Up - A guide to self advocacy- The Arc of Washington

Work Resources and Reports from Self Advocates- Kids as Self Advocates (KASA)

Youths 4 Advocacy- Empowering youths to transition successfully from school to life in their communities.

Life after high school, ten skills to teach your childDiane Adreon, MA

Pennsylvania Secondary Transition Guide- Transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress toward the attainment of post-secondary goals related to education, employment, and community living. 

Journey to Adulthood: A transitions travel guide- National Health Care Transition Center

The Road to Work: The Speak-Up Action Manual on Finding and Keeping Work- Youths 4 Advocacy

Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR)- Job Accommodation Network (JAN)


My Choice My Future Making Informed Choices- Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

Creating Mentoring Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities: Issues and Suggested Strategies- National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Internships: The On-Ramp to Employment, A Guide for Students with Disabilities to Getting and Making the Most of an Internship- National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth

Exploring Careers: Information for Parents of Students with Disabilities- Pennsylvania Department of Education

Family Services Employment Tool Kit- Autism Speaks

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