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Genetic Alliance has and will continue to host a number of featured webinars on a wide array of topics. For the list of upcoming webinars, please visit our Upcoming Webinars page.

Clinical Trials Done Differently

May 1, 2020

There are many reasons why clinical trials conducted in the homes of participants would be preferable. These include reducing the burden on participants, being able to capture assessments when they are not in a strange, and potentially stressful environment, making trials accessible to more people, including those who cannot travel easily for health status or other reasons.

Our speakers address the benefits of clinical trials done differently.

Christine McSherry, founder of neuromuscular non-profit, Jett Foundation since 2001, current CEO and co-founder of Casimir. Casimir has been doing remote video capture on functional assessments since 2016. Christine and co-founder Mindy Leffler have a unique approach and understand the confounds that exist in situ trials.

Craig Lipset is founder of Clinical Innovation Partners, supporting organizations seeking to innovate in the conduct of clinical trials and medicine development. He previously served as Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer where he introduced the pharma industry's first fully "at-home" clinical trial for a drug under FDA IND. Craig serves on the Board of Directors for Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and MedStar Health Research Institute as well as TrialScout.

Donna Appell is the founder and Executive Director of the Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network, a small non-profit whose members struggle with legal blindness, a bleeding disorder, colitis and fatal lung disease. We were the primary recruiters for two drug trials which gave us lessons learned about clinical trials. Donna is a registered nurse and has an adult daughter with HPS.

Download Slides: Craig Lipset | Christine McSherry | Donna Appell | Webinar Recording

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