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Throughout the years, the Alliance for Genetic Supports Groups  issued publications for the benefit of the genetic health community. These publications were available for order, with members receiving copies of various materials included in their membership. With the launch of digital distribution, Genetic Alliance publications are now distributed free of charge via our website. Archived in this collection are various publications that the Alliance has issued for sale or distribution throughout the years.

Due to the size of many of these publications, digital records do not exist for most of this archive. Physical copies of these publications may be requested for viewing or photocopying by contacting our staff at

Genetic Alliance and Alliance of Genetic Support Groups Publications (2000-1900)

Digital Collection:

Informed Consent: Participation in Genetic Research Studies, 1997*

Integrating Consumers Into the Regionals Genetics Network, April 1992*

Physical Collection:

International Directory or Genetic Advocacy Organizations and Related Resources, 4th ed. October 2000

Alliance Directory of National Genetic Support Organizations and Related Resources, 3rd ed. October 1998

Starting a Support Group: From the Kitchen Table to the Board Room, c. 1998*

Chapter Development, c. 1997*

Bibliography of Material on Basic Genetics & DNA Technology, c. 1997*

Incorporating and Obtaining Non-profit Status, c. 1997*

Human Genome Education Model Projects; Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of the Human Genome Project: HuGEM Video Manual, 1996* (the accompanying video for the HuGEM project may be found at this external repository)

Directory of National Genetic Voluntary Organizations, 2nd ed. May 1995

Directory of National Genetic Voluntary Organizations, 1st ed. October 1992

Health Insurance Resource Guide, July 1992

Resource Guide on Peer Support Training, March 21-April 1, 1990

* Item may be found in the following physical, on-site, resource repository: Genetic Alliance - 1997, Genetic Alliance Physical Archives Collection. For more information on accessing this items, please email

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