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See what others have to say about Genetic Alliance in this list of news articles, videos, talks, and more from external sources around the world. 


April 14, 2021- PIPC Joins Over 80 Patient and Disability Groups Urging Policymakers to Reject Policies That Discriminate


December 18, 2020- Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance: Data and power to the people

November 6, 2020- The EveryLife Foundation in Partnership with Expecting Health at Genetic Alliance Wrapped the Second Annual Newborn Screening Bootcamp

May 18, 2018- The Rogue Experimenters

May 18, 2020- LunaPBC, Genetic Alliance create drug discovery platform for rare epilepsy

May 8, 2020- From Competition To Sharing: How Her Children’s Rare Disease Led Sharon Terry To Revolutionize Medical Research

April 17, 2020- Covid-19 Stalls Clinical Trials for Everything but Covid-19


April 4, 2019-  NBS Survey From Expecting Health & The Genetic Alliance

January 22, 2019-  LunaDNA, Genetic Alliance to Merge Technology Platforms


October 25, 2018- Questions for Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance- PMWC 2019 Honoree

October 5, 2018- ACMG awarded five-year, $13 million contract renewal to continue newborn screening efforts

October 3, 2018- Celiac Disease Foundation Attends Genetic Alliance People-Driven Research Meeting

September 21, 2018- Your Genetic Data Is The New Oil. These Startups Will Pay to Rent It

July 18, 2018- La extraordinaria historia de Sharon Terry, el ama de casa que descubrió y patentó el gen del pseudoxantoma elástico, la enfermedad rara de sus hijos

June 13, 2018- Claritas Genomics Adopts Genetic Alliance’s PEER Platform for Patient Results Sharing

April 12, 2018- Lawsuit alleges Michigan stole blood of newborn babies

April 12, 2018- Federal Lawsuit claims Michigan stole blood of newborn babies

April 10, 2018- The Emerging World of Online Health Communities

March 19, 2018- Luna DNA Expands Leadership and Advisory Board, Adding New Pedigree From Illumina

March 1, 2018- NIH Panel Puts Emphasis on Importance of Collaboration in Rare Disease Research

February 27, 2018- BioNews to Cover 3 Rare Disease Day Events, Including NIH Conference

February 9, 2018- Parents Sue Michigan Over Database of Baby Blood Samples

January 19, 2018- Claritas Genomics Shuts Down Operations


September 29, 2017- Sharon Terry: When Siblings Get A Rare Diagnosis, Can Their Parents Find The Cure?

June 24, 2017- Genetic Alliance Joins Oracle Network in Effort to Facilitate Clinical Trials

June 12, 2017- Venture Philanthropy Straddles Two Worlds

May 4, 2017- Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project tracks fracking-related illnesses with new registry

May 1, 2017- Registry will study health impact from living near shale gas wells

April 26, 2017- Fixing the Genetic Information on the Internet

April 7, 2017- FDA Approves Marketing Of Consumer Genetic Tests For Some Conditions

March 21, 2017- What Your Family Tee Can Tell You About Your Health

March 21, 2017- 87 Advocacy Groups Send Letter to Congress to Save Medicaid

March 10, 2017- GINA Supporters Concerned House Bill Undermines Genetic Non-Discrimination Law

February 27, 2017- Rare Disease Day at NIH event features advances in rare disease research

February 14, 2017- Human Gene Editing Receives Science Panel’s Support

January 12, 2017- UNC Initiative to Create “Tools” for Studies of Rare Diseases, Train Researchers

January 6, 2017- UNC Catalyst initiative aims to create, share tools to fight rare diseases


July 26, 2016- Thanks to Social Media, Rare Progress on Rare Diseases

May, 2016- Thirty Years of Transforming Healthcare

March 31, 2016-Women's History Month Profile: Natasha Bonhomme

March 3, 2016- Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation


May 14, 2014- Exclusive Interview with Sharon Terry on her personal entrepreneurship, Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin

July 1, 2014- In Genetic Haystacks, We're All Needles

June 18, 2014- Incorporation of Patient Perspective on Disease and Treatment Options Critical in Drug Development and Review


November 15, 2013- Free the Data's first move: Opening data for breast cancer research

November 11, 2013- Advocacy groups crowdsourcing patient views on risk-benefit of drugs

November 6, 2013- 3 neat ways to participate in crowdsourced cancer and Alzheimer’s disease research

November 4, 2013- Genetic Alliance & PhRMA Announce Pilot Initiative to Advance Patient-Focused Drug Development

June 24, 2013- Genetic Alliance Selects Oracle Health Sciences Network to Help Patients Gain Access to Clinical Trials


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