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Usama Malik

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Usama Malik, MBA

Founder and Managing Director, InnoAction Advisory Services

Usama is the Founder and Managing Director of InnoAction Advisory Services. He has 20 years of experience doing corporate strategy, product development, new business launches, venture investing, and start-up advisory. He has worked with the Executive Teams and Boards of over 2 dozen Global 1000 companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. And he has had the opportunity to invest in, build, and launch over a dozen new companies for large enterprises. He has deep experience in telecoms, healthcare, digital, and technology.

Usama also has significant experience with large M&A and complex operating model transformations in order to reignite new growth. Notable is his leadership on the $68b Pfizer-Wyeth merger, where he lead the post-merger integration plans that drove $4b in new [incremental] revenues, while enabling $6b in cost saving over the coming years - this is considered one of the most successful large-scale mergers in the history of M&A. Usama has served in the role of Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Strategy Officer (Diversified Businesses) of Pfizer Inc.

Usama has worked with several CEO's to diversify their growth strategy, while helping them acquire and/ or build new businesses adjacent to their core business. One of his recent projects was working with one of the world's largest apparel manufacturer to design a complete innovation organization with distinct capabilities for product development, adjacent innovation, and disruptive innovation - leveraging concepts of open innovation and lean startup. He lead the development and execution of two new businesses for them, one that moves them into the wearable technology space, and the other that opens up the healthcare market for them. He has also lead a number of new venture investments for them. Similarly, Usama has worked with the Executive Teams of companies like Quest Diagnostics and Zoetis, among others, to identify new growth opportunities, invest in cutting-edge innovation capabilities, drive strategic and venture investments, and launch new products and services in newly designed corporate incubation and acceleration models.

In addition, Usama continues to work with a number of start-ups in New York, Washington DC, London, Capetown, and Sydney, as an angel, advisor, and growth/ scaling expert. He has ambitions to drive and scale more entrepreneurship across South Asia and Africa.

his personal time, Usama runs ultramarathons, travels frequently, reads obsessively, writes about culture/ politics/ society, eats well, and supports several non-profits and NGOs to develop innovative market-based solutions for healthcare, education, and women's empowerment. Usama grew up in Nigeria and Pakistan, attended Universities in the USA and France, and has worked and traveled across dozens of countries. Time permitting, he intends to get back into skydiving, playing more tennis, and starting his ultra duatholon and triathalon career.

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