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Shantanu Gaur

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Shantanu Gaur, MD

Treasurer, Genetic Alliance Council

Co-founder, Allurion Technologies

Shantanu Gaur completed his BS in biology from Harvard University, where he graduated summa cum laude with election to Phi Beta Kappa, and his MD from Harvard Medical School. He first became involved with Genetic Alliance when he was selected as a finalist as an eighth grader for his submission to the annual (at the time) Genetic Alliance essay contest that asked, “What does the sequencing of the human genome mean to you?” As a high school student, he joined a lab at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and later went on to attend the Research Science Institute at MIT. While at Harvard as an undergraduate, he continued to pursue basic science, co-authoring two research articles and completing his senior thesis, which resulted in a patent. In addition to his studies, he founded the Harvard Undergraduate Research Symposium and jump-started the Harvard Cricket Club. After entering medical school, Shantanu became interested in innovative medical device technologies and founded Allurion Technologies, a start-up developing a weight loss technology he conceived as a second-year medical student. He plans to continue working as a medical device entrepreneur and exploring innovative paradigms in human genetics and, more broadly, leadership and management as a member of the Genetic Alliance Council.

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