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Genetic Alliance Archives

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Welcome to the Genetic Alliance Archives

For more than 30 years, Genetic Alliance has connected thousands of stakeholders to critical information about genetics. Genetic Alliance has been a resource for all, engaging individuals, families, and communities through a wide array of programs. These programs are in constant evolution to adapt to the changing needs of the present, providing a vast historical foundation for the initiatives of the future.

The Genetic Alliance Archives are a repository for this historical foundation. Through scanned and born-digital materials, the Archives document the work and vision of Genetic Alliance. The collections are provided to foster a better understanding of the development of Genetic Alliance and the larger history of advocacy.

For Researchers

All researchers interested in studying the archives are encouraged to email for guidance and information related to their interest. Please include your contact information and as much detail as possible regarding your area of inquiry. We will make every effort to reply to letters of inquiry as thoroughly as possible; please expect a reply within 2-10 days.

Wherever possible, materials have been digitized to increase accessibility of our physical records. Some materials, either due to their length or their content, have not been digitized and remain in our physical repository. If you are interested in accessing our physical archived collections, please send an email to the address provided above. Requests for access to physical materials will be reviewed upon receipt of the request. As a courtesy to the archival staff, please look through our digital collections prior to submitting such a request, so as to determine whether the materials you are looking for are already available online.

Physical materials requested by researchers will be accommodated by appointments at our office in the District of Columbia. Researchers may - upon payment of shipping expenses - receive photocopies of physical archived materials via mail to an address of their choice. Researchers interested in receiving photocopied materials should contact with their item of interest and preferred address.

Overview of the Collections

The Archives are comprised of eight main collections, each stored as a unique archive. As content from our website becomes ready to retire, materials are transferred to archival pages and added to the collections. The following are the collections that constitute the Genetic Alliance Archives:

Annual Reports Archive: This archive contains the annual reports of Genetic Alliance and the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups.

Events Archive: This archive contains a record of past events hosted by Genetic Alliance and the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups.

Multimedia Archive: This archive contains photos and videos related to Genetic Alliance events and projects.

Newsletter Archive: This archive contains issues of the Alliance Alert (1980s – 1998) and the Advocacy in Genetics Newsletter (2004 – 2010), the regular newsletters of the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups and Genetic Alliance, respectively. The newsletters are sorted chronologically.

Policy Statement Archive: This archive contains a record of policy statements issued by Genetic Alliance and the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups.

Press Release Archive: This archive contains past press releases issued by Genetic Alliance and the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups. The releases are sorted chronologically, listed by name and date of issue.

Publications Archive: This archive contains monographs and other publications issued by Genetic Alliance and the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups.

Webinar Archive: This archive contains stored recordings of Genetic Alliance hosted webinars.

In addition to these collections, a physical in-house archives is stored in our offices in the District of Columbia. A catalog of the materials in this collection is available upon request. For more information on how to access these collections, please read the "For Researchers" section above.

Citing Archived Materials

The following citation template is provided as a suggestion for researchers to follow when citing material from the Genetic Alliance Archives:
Footnote Exemplar:
Letter from Joan K. Burns and Mary E. Davidson to the Editors of the Washington Post, 13 March 1997, Press Release Archive. Genetic Alliance Archives (Washington, DC). 
MLA Bibliographic Citation Exemplar:
Press Release Archive. Genetic Alliance Archives. Washington, DC.

History of the Archives

In the summer of 2012, Genetic Alliance began a digital library project in the hopes of creating a home for non-current materials. In the following year, the project was launched as an archival initiative, with a focus on providing researchers a centralized source for information on Genetic Alliance history. The project scanned and uploaded information from in-house materials, along with digital content from across the GA website. By year’s end, the Archives were open for research.  We are grateful to archivist Daniel Arias, Genetic Alliance Fellow, and former summer 2013 intern.

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