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Advocacy, Education & Empowerment

Reminder: We still can't breathe

“Historically and contemporarily, Black people have had to fight for our lives. We have had to fight to show that our lives matter. This is not a moment soon to be forgotten. This is a revolution.” Peggy-ita Obeng-Nyarkoh is a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University, and an intern at Genetic Alliance.

Genetic Alliance is an innovator in implementing and measuring programs in stakeholder engagement. We believe that diverse stakeholder leadership is imperative for elevating voices; leveraging stories; identifying research questions; improving participation and retention; and ensuring that knowledge makes its way back to people.


Expecting Health is a team of key leaders in health communication and pregnancy and pediatric health, with a strong passion for bridging actionable, evidence-based information with the everyday realities of life for families. We know that education and support needs don’t end at childbirth. Instead, a whole new set of education and support needs emerge.

Advocacy means more than research conducted with participants at the table. It means that the people are leading the research effort. Our tools, partnerships, and projects build capacity in communities, enable new cross-sector partnerships, and place control in the hands of the people.


Everyone is encouraged to participate—this is a borderless data sharing community for both those feeling healthy and those needing medical attention.

PEER offers communities: advocacy organizations, nonprofits, clinics, any group (the sponsor) a simple way to establish a registry.

Curated and crowd sourced disease information to help individuals access quality and credible information. Over 10,000 conditions listed.

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